Don't get deadlocked escape the constrains of real-life-gaming

Use our Game Engine for Reality

A platform for building atmospheric real-life-gaming experiences, connecting any kind of hardware and software into one dynamic environment to create and control the next generation of escape rooms.

Multi-linear Storytelling

Create decision-trees for your players to change the course of the story and let them explore different ways and endings.

multilinear narrative

Integrating every Thing

A extendable architecture allows nearly every hard- and software to be connected. Control atmospheric spaces involving sound, light and interactive objects.


Flexibility and Portability

Change your Game Setups in a blink of an eye and bring them everywhere you go.

network of things


Motion Sensor

The players enter a room. When everybody is in, the lights turn off. It is dark. In the corner a dim light starts to flicker and a buzzing sound gets louder very slowly.

Interactive Objects

A bomb will go off in thirty seconds. Players hectically try to defuse it. When they pull the wrong cables the light flickers and the beep of the bomb gets faster. Time is running out. When the counter hits zero the lights go out, you hear a fail sound and every screen in the room displays: Game Over.


The room is in chaos. There is a picture on the floor showing its tidy state. When the players bring everything back into its right place, the light dims down and a audio play starts, telling them a piece of a story from the past.

Open for every Thing

Spartacus develops an open platform for creating digital enhanced real life experiences. By connecting any kind of hardware and software we allow everybody to easily create, connect and control interactive environments like room escape, urbangames and exhibitions. Our dynamic an open environment of devices and an easily understandable graphical-user-interface turns digital technologies in to tools for designing and exploring news ways of storytelling, gaming and living in real space. Our approach also overcomes default use cases for connected devices by allowing the user to create his own scenarios and interactive environments.

Join the cause

Digital games are bound to the virtual realm. Break the Chains. This is Spartakus.

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